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A new Just Value Trust Seal, a plus in trade
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A new Just Value Trust Seal, a plus in trade

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Where to place my trust seal?

Trust Seals boost the confidence of visitors to your website

Placing a highly recognized trust seal on your website in a prominent position has a huge impact on your website'sconversions. Some also provide the added benefit of malware and vulnerability scans. Just like ours. NJVT Seals scan a site and will not give our seal to CMS Sites like Wordpress-Joomla-Drupal-Typo3. More on that subject you find in trust seals conditions.

In most cases there is nothing out of this world to install. Simply add a few lines of code to your website.

Trust Badges: Why use trust badges

Severall surveys confirme that trust logos affect shopping decisions for the majority of customers. Customers might not look to see that the store URL is https, i.e. secured via SSL, but they look for trust bagdes they recognize. A majority of customers have made a purchasing decision based on whether any trust Seal was present, even if it wasn’t one they recognized. Around 60% of the shoppers didn't complete a purchase at some point because the online store did not have such a trust badge. According to the majotity of surveys taken on that matter, trust badges are a major part of their checkout form. Alloweing you to increase conversion by uo to 60%. Install a Trust badge and see what kind of improvements you get from that conversion.

 A new Just Value Trust Seal, a plus in trade bought with bitcoin

“NJVT powers privacy compliance and risk management with integrated technology, consulting and TRUSTe certification solutions.”
- News Magazine

“NJVT is addressing all phases of privacy program management.”
- The Wire Magzine

“Having a privacy policy / statement on your website is no longer a sufficient data privacy management strategy.!”
- Secure Talk Magazine

“The foundation for our solutions is the NJVT Privacy Platform which provides a flexible, scalable, and secure way to manage privacy.”
- American Tech Magazine

“Our technology platform, fortified through six years of operating experience across a wide range of industries and client use cases, along with our services, leverage deep privacy expertise and proven methodologies which we have continuously enhanced through hundreds of client projects over the past two years. .”
- eTech Magazine

“Headquartered in Panama, and backed by a global team, we help over 100 clients worldwide demonstrate compliance, minimize risk, and build trust."