New Just Value

Use our trust seal to give value to your website    

Conditions for NJVT Seals

A new Just Value Trust Seal, a plus in trade

NJVT Seals will give our trust seal  not to Websites which: 

Are not CMS, due to a severe lax security enviromment where Plugins, Updates, Extensions or lax security comportment, namely:





and others, we will decide when checking the site and its history.

We take great pride in offering you quality Trust badges at small prices but we need to maintain quality. At a combat price of 39 US$ you get a Trust Seal for a year.

HTML, PHP, Coldfusion, ASPX all are welcome to get our New Just Value Trust Seals. Websites which do not gossip over others to receive an appearant higher standing  themselves. 

We all know that Trust plays a major in eCommerce and not only there but in all forms of businesses conducted.