New Just Value

Use our trust seal to give value to your website

How to buy our New Just Value Trust SEAL

  • It not as difficult as it seems. Get in touch and tell us about your business/site and we check.
  • What we check is up to us. Once paid for the Trust SEAL we then install it for you or should you be profitioned enough we send you the SEAL zipped with Install intructions.  You let us know once installed and we check.

  • Payment can be done over Paypal, Skrill, BTC. As these NJVT Seals are for static websites or hand developed dynamic websites you can either use a FTP or SFTP Program as Filezilla or any other you feel comfortable with. Or just  use a Filemanager of the CPanel. As put before should you feel slightly over your head with the procedure we can do that for you.

A new Just Value Trust Seal, a plus in trade

Image of FTP