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Use our trust seal to give value to your website    


Typically, most seals are associated with secure sockets layer, or SSL for short. This simply means that your site has been verified and that there is a secure transmission for customers to safely enter their credit card information. But no one will tell you how secure is the site, so WP, or WordPress function with plugins which make a website insecure, more than most people are aware of.

Our trust seal verifies to visitors that a website no only is legitimate. The data is collected by our NJVT trust seal confirms that the business is authentic and uses a Website structure which cannot be compromised by hackers.

Some trust companies add an extra layer of protection by offering insurance to be paid out in the event that the transaction becomes fraudulent. Why our Trust Seal is Most trusted by shoppers due to our commitment researching the websites integrety we reach a high degree of trust.

There have been numerous studies on the impact of trust seals and the general consensus has been that trust seals are indeed important for Websites.

According to research conducted the majority of online shoppers are aware what a seal is meant to represent - only one in five did not.

Furthermore, 88% of shoppers expected to see some sort of seal on a website.

70% of online shoppers cancelled their online order because they did not “trust” the transaction. A website entrusted with our trust seal which is placed quite visible on our clients webpages to automatically identify your website as genuine and authentic. Where you our trust seal you know that the website you have visited has been validated by a trusted, independent third party. Our Website trust seals may also show the website is protected by an SSL Certificate and is free from dangerous malware. NJVT products are highly trusted and ensure that sensitive data such as credit card and personal information is protected online.

Creating a successful secure web presence should be easy and affordable. New Just Value provides the best quality, most fully featured products and services at competative prices.

New Just Value protects not only the critical information flowing across the digital landscape we also look into the website's structure. New Just Value provides complete solutions with innovative technologies solving the most advanced malware threats.

It is quite clear that larger sites i.e. Amazon or eBay won't see as much of a rise in conversions if using a trust seal, because people already know and trust those sites. But smaller sites that have used trust seals can have seen conversion increase by 20% or more.