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Trust Seal

Trust symbols on sites show: the research is clear - trust seals matter.

While trust seals can have a major impact on your e-commerce site, it’s not the only trust signal that you should be utilizing.

Including Reviews that a trust bagde can raise your conversions: 

it was discovered that nearly 90% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Here were some other key findings:

  • 67% of consumers read up to 6 reviews (vs. 77% in 2013)
  • 85% of consumers read up to 10 reviews (vs. 92% in 2013)
  • 7% of consumers read 20+ reviews (vs. 2% in 2013)

Website Design

Would you seriously give your credit card information to website that looks like it belongs in 1995? Common sense would say absolutely not.

If you want to win the trust of consumers, then make sure you have a quality website design that is easy to use. Other features should include a Contact page that informs visitors of your name, location, and how to get in touch with you.

You could also place your phone number, email address, and social signals throughout your website to continue to establish trust.


Trust badges are an important feature of your e-commerce site. It puts the mind of your consumers at ease, which can improve sales. However, you need to include more than just a logo.

On top of seals, display reviews/testimonials and have a top-notch website. Also, don’t forget to make it easy for visitors to get in contact with if they have any questions or concerns. All these traits together result in a solid website consumers are willing to trust.