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Use our trust seal to give value to your website


When people shop online arriving on your website, they need a lot of trust to commit to shoppingin order to go through with their sale.

Quite recently, another survey conducted found trust logos increased the trustworthiness in over 75% of the questioned shoppers.

About 61% of the participants meant that they have at one time NOT completed a purchase because there were no trust logos present.

The sheer number of sites online trying to sell something, it’s quite difficult for them to know which ones are safe and whether entering their personal information could be compromised.
With more e-commerce sites active as online shopping with “overall online sales increased Surveys confirmed that a trust seal yields some power in those surveys about trust seals participants spoke about the trust giving factors helping them to decide whether or not to trust a website.

So what is important?

The display of the trust seal so a shopper can see the image. 

  • 48% Address and sociales are clear visible. 
  • 46% A friend has recommended it before 40% The site looks proffesionally designed. 
  • 32% The website sells genuine products. 
  • 24% Fast loading of the website. 23%

While that’s good news for website site owners, there have also been an increase of reports of websites getting hacked. Being hacked is a problem, in ecommerce, everything hinges on trust. So, how can you earn the trust of the visitor of your website? One good way is to include a trust seal. Our Trust seal, as we look not only onto the firm but also on the vulnerability of websites.

You’ve most likely noticed some sort of seal, badge, logo or icon proudly displayed on an e-commerce site. Here’s a clean definition from Marie on Crazy Egg: Data is collected by the third-party trust seal company that confirms that the business is authentic.”